What is ConnectProf?

What is ConnectProf?

ConnectProf is integration software that manages the products, orders and advertisements of companies selling digitally.

It includes many features such as single or collective product updates, full product management, integration, import from another source and output from other sources for companies selling on one or more e-commerce platforms. You can easily manage your products on all platforms on a single screen.

You can send your products to comparison sites such as Cimri and Akakçe in just a few steps.

With the ConnectProf advanced order management panel, you can view the orders coming from your marketplaces (N11, Gittigidiyor, N11Pro, Amazon etc.) and your e-commerce platforms on one screen and e-invoice orders.

You can also easily post and advertise your products to marketing platforms such as Googleshopping, Related Marketing Cloud, Facebookmarketing, Richrelevance, Criteo, RTB House, ReklamStore with ConnectProf.

Take control with ConnectProf, which has a flexible and strong structure.