ConnectProf If you want to get detailed information about it, you can get support from our professional team.

ConnectProf, It is the integration software that manages the products, orders and advertisements of companies selling in the digital environment.

First of all, you can start using the web service username and passwords provided by the marketplace by entering the special area provided for you in the panel..

If you want support, our team will help you.

Is possible. Transferring your XML products to ConnectProf is just a few minute. You can manage your different XMLs on a single screen.

SYou can issue invoices and e-invoices for your orders.

Gittigidiyor , n11 ,n11Pro , Hepsiburada , Trendyol , Çiçeksepeti , EPttAvm, Amazon , Maximum , Flo integrations are integrated with the marketplace.

Amazon italya , Amazon Fransa, Amazon İspanya, Amazon Almanya, Amazon İngiltere, Amazon Amerika, Amazon İrlanda, Amazon Kanada, Aliexpress , Etsy, Ebay,

Standard packages are updated 5 times a day. If updates are requested more than 5 times a day, you can contact our sales staff and request our update price list.

Price and Stock information is updated 5 times a day on the marketplaces. Orders from the marketplaces fall to the ConnectProf panel every 15 minutes. Stock and price fields are updated according to the last changing situation. The product or price field update is parametric.

Such areas are generally not included in the standard updates, as they do not change much. In order for the changes you have made in these areas to be reflected on the marketplaces, in which marketplace you want the data to be updated via your ConnectProf panel, an update will be made after you open a request to the relevant department.

It is possible to select the product and send it manually.

Each integration firm has separate criteria for creating virtual store APIs. API applications are made by you to the marketplaces. If you submit the incoming information to us by opening a ticket from the Nildesk panel, it will be provided by our relevant integration team.

After your store API information is entered into the system, you will be informed by e-mail that you need to make Category matching before sending your products. Since the Category structure of each marketplace is different, it must be carried out by you according to your sector knowledge.

You can enter your products manually in the ConnectProf panel. If you are a T-soft, Woocommerce, Jettycart, customer, your products are automatically imported with API integration and the orders received are displayed on your T-soft panel. Integration is realized with XML provided from other platforms. Our XML format from here you can download.

You can transfer your products to the Connecprof system via Excel. Photos must be added manually after transferring via Excel. If your products have variants, they cannot be transferred via Excel. Transfers via Excel are made one sugar by the ConnectProf team. Then the products should be edited through ConnectProf.

If you are using widely used e-commerce packages such as Ticimax, Ideasoft, our system will be compatible with your XML infrastructure provided. But for other infrastructures, appropriate XML should be given to our sample structure.

You can import your products into ConnectProf with XML integration. XML integrations specified in the price list are considered out of 1. For each XML integration added outside the standard packages, an annual 300 TL XML integration fee is charged.

E-invoices can be issued from ConnectProf. Our Jetofis program is provided free of charge.

As an e-invoice integrator, you need to agree with the digital planet. With our top up agreement, you can arrange your e-invoice in ConnectProf. For our top-up prices, please click

Prices in Dollars or Euros in our ConnectProf product are updated daily at the Central bank rate.

Orders from all marketplaces can be viewed on ConnectProf. At the same time, orders from the Marketplace can be viewed on T-soft, Jettycart, Woocommerce panel.

It is possible to see the orders of all marketplaces on the ConnectProf screen under the same platform. You can print orders, print cargo labels, and issue e-invoices over orders.

By using labels, you can ensure that your different products are listed in different marketplaces. For example: While your products in the shoe category are listed in the Flo store, you can list your products in the Food category at n11 and all here.

In ConnectProf, you can make discounts or price increases for products above a certain price in% or TL.

This can be done for all marketplaces that offer products such as N11, GittiGidiyor through the service.