AMAZON BRINGS YOUR PRODUCTS TO THE WORLD Amazon was founded in 1994 and is a well-known and popular shopping site that offers online sales service with a variety of products. first started by selling books. Known as the electronic commerce pioneer. Amzon contains products from almost every category, from books, computer software and hardware, movies, music, electronic devices and toys. Millions of people trade daily. Amazon is an affordable site. You can make sales with Amazon in countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, England, America, Ireland, Canada.
Start selling by automatically integrating your products into Amazon with Amazon ConnectProf Integration!
The Web Site with the World's Largest Customer Database Start selling on amazon with ConnectProf. Your products should be sold in many countries of the world.
ConnectProf Amazon Integration
Product Transfer Upload your products to ConnectProf, your Product and Price information is immediately available for sale on Amazon.
Order Management Orders received from domestic and international markets are tracked on a common platform with ConnectProf.
Language translation With our translation system, the information of your products is automatically translated into the sales language.
E-commerce Experience As T-soft, E-export reflects our 17 years of E-commerce experience and together we earn for our country.
AMAZON Sales Support Guidance in the processes related to opening your Sales and Stores within the framework of cooperation with Amazon
Cargo Agreement Support For your cargo shipments abroad, you are directed to the cargo companies we have contracted with and you can benefit from special discounts.
Over Million Active Customers
Start selling on Amazon with ConnectProf, and your products will be enjoyed by more than 300 million visitors!
You can also be a seller on the world's largest e-commerce site. you can reach your target audience faster.
You can make sales much faster with the trust of customers in the Amazon brand.
You can make sales directly from Amazon warehouses with the FBA (Fullfilment By Amazon) method. Amazon is dealing with the shipping processes, which are one of the biggest problems in the e-commerce process, and advances the processes. This usage style provides 40% advantage in sales.
Statistically, 9 people out of every 10 people control the product they will buy on Amazon.
Amazon prime membership gives you much more confidence in selling on Amazon. In the USA alone, 100 million people have Prime memberships.
Amazon prime members spend an average of $ 1500 each year.
These numbers are quite high for the E-commerce market and our companies can benefit more than this.
Amazon commission rates are lower than other marketplaces.
Selling on Amazon with the right product is easier than you can imagine
Sell ​​your products in these countries, you win, our country wins !
Amazon STOCK Integration
Your Stocks in T-soft or Woocommorce panel are integrated into the ConnectProf program via API and XML from other platforms. When a sale is made in any store, your stock update takes place automatically in Amazon stores at time frames set by the customer 5 times a day.
Order Management
All orders can be collected in a single panel and invoices can be issued with a single click. Orders from the marketplace or e-commerce platform (T-soft, Woocommerce) are collected on the ConnectProf order management screen and invoiced through the Jetofis Accounting program with a single click. Our JetOfis Accounting program is provided free with ConnectProf.
Accounting Integration
Current accounts and orders can be automatically transferred to the accounting program by ConnectProf from the accounting program you use (Logo, Mikro, Eta). Similarly, in double-sided integrations, stock and price information are transferred from your accounting program to ConnectProf and marketplaces.
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