JettyCart Integration

JettyCart Integration; T-Soft is a social responsibility project created by Turkey in order to expand the e-commerce ecosystem.

* Transferring the order from Jettycart to ConnectProf

*Ability to issue an e-invoice to the order from Jettycart

*Reflection of the stock information of the product ordered in Jettycart to your ConnectProf system

* Synchronize stock and price information of your products in Jettycart with stock and price information in your e-commerce site

* Unlimited product publishing on Jettycart

*Ability to add features such as product status, shipping time, subtitle to the products you will send to Jettycart via ConnectProf.

* The shipping fee that will appear in Jettycart can be determined via ConnectProf.

* Ability to create and edit a delivery template via ConnectProf