WIN MORE WITH ALIEXPRESS AliExpress is one of the largest e-commerce sites in the world. This site, which is sold and sold globally, is a shopping platform where you can have products at very cheap prices. It was founded on e-commerce in 2010 and belongs to Alibaba. There are sellers on AliExpress, from manufacturers, businesses, individual enterprises and more.
AliExpress, Turkey launching the operation has opened the door to e-export entrepreneurs in Turkey.
You too can go to E-export with AliExpress
ConnectProf AliExpress Integration
Manage your sales in 220 countries with ConnectProf AliExpress Integration!
Product Transfer Upload your products to ConnectProf, your Product and Price information is immediately available for sale on AliExpress.
Order Management Orders received from domestic and international markets are tracked on a common platform with ConnectProf.
Language translation With our translation system, the information of your products is automatically translated into the sales language.
E-commerce Experience As T-soft, E-export reflects our 17 years of E-commerce experience and together we earn for our country.
AliExpress Sales Support A common platform in the processes of opening your Sales and Stores within the framework of cooperation with AliExpress
Cargo Agreement Support For your cargo shipments abroad, you are directed to the cargo companies we have contracted with and you can benefit from special discounts.
  • * For AliExpress registration, your marketplace is opened within 2-3 business days by sending documents
  • * It does not require a fee for store opening. The commission rate ranges from 5% to 8%.
  • * You can reach 220 countries. You can sell in all these countries with a single panel.
  • * Translation support is provided in 18 languages, so you can list the products in local languages ​​and communicate with customers in any language.
How to Open a Store on AliExpress?
To sell on AliExpress, you need to open a store. For this, follow these steps.
1 Firstly Enter the address.
2 On the page that opens, click on the seller center in the top category and click on the "Non-China registration" section.
3 Click on "Join AliExpress" on this page.
4 In the account creation section, you need to enter your Shopping tax country, e-mail and password.
5 Enter the verification code sent to your e-mail in the verification code section on the page and click the "SEND" button.
6 Click on "Join AliExpress" again and click on the seller login link in the upper right corner.
7 Click the "CONTACT NOW" button in the login section and log in via e-mail. In the business information section, enter your country, business type, store name, address information, phone number, e-mail address, tax number, then bank information.
8 Confirm the incoming contract text and click the confirm button.
9 Enter the required information on the next page.
10 Submit your tax plate and signature list.
11 Then the application evaluation section will be opened. There will be information that there is an evaluation process for 2-3 days.
12 In this process, wait for the mail that will be sent to you by AliExpress.
AliExpress payment method
* Payments on AliExpress can be made by credit card, web Money and qiwi wallet.
AliExpress-ConnectProf Stock Integration
Your stocks in T-soft or Woocommorce panel are integrated into the ConnectProf program via API, XML from other platforms, and your products are sold on the AliExpress platform with a single click. When a sale is made in any store, your stock update is automatically performed in AliExpress stores, 5 times a day, in time frames set by the customer.
Order Management
All orders can be collected in a single panel and invoices can be issued with a single click. Orders from the marketplace or e-commerce platform (T-soft, Woocommerce) are collected on the ConnectProf order management screen and invoiced through the Jetofis Accounting program with a single click. Our JetOfis Accounting program is provided free with ConnectProf.
Accounting Integration
Current accounts and orders can be automatically transferred to the accounting program by ConnectProf from the accounting program you use (Logo, Mikro, Eta). Similarly, in double-sided integrations, stock and price information are transferred from your accounting program to ConnectProf and marketplaces.
You can use the links below to access the AliExpress Education site. The training series includes AliExpress store openings and details of all related processes.
You can quickly open your AliExpress store by clicking the link below..
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