The Address of Most Trendy Products is Trendyol!

Trendyol Clothing, Computers, mobile phones, home appliances, is one of hundreds of thousands of supermarket and demanded Turkey's leading marketplace where the product is located. Trendyol, known especially in the field of Fashion, stands out with its expertise in the relevant category.

ConnectProf Trendyol Integration
Product Transfer Upload your products to ConnectProf, your Product and Price information is immediately put up for sale at Trendyol.
Order Management Orders received from domestic and international markets are tracked on a common platform with ConnectProf.
E-commerce Experience As T-soft, we reflect our e-commerce experience of 17 years to their marketplaces, and together we win for our country.
Trendyol Sales Support Support in processes related to opening sales and stores within the framework of cooperation with Trendyol
Trendyol Marketplace Advantages
As of 2020
18 Million Active Customers
Per day
15 Million Unique Visitors
With Trendyol Academy
Supplier Training
200 million per year
Product Sales
* 2019 Data
  • Trendyol is the address of the most sold products in the Clothing Category. As a customer group, there is a large mass of shoppers in the clothing sector.
  • With Trendyol Marketplace, you can increase the awareness of your new brand and strengthen your brand image.
  • With Trendyol Marketplace, you can make Product Listings and display your products in the relevant marketplace.
  • Trendyol is able to offer early payment opportunities to suppliers and provides financial support.
  • You can see each product group bestsellers in Turkey and can be analyzed by comparing the user's behavior.
  • You can reach hundreds of seminars on topics such as increasing sales, promoting products, digital marketing, warehouse and automation management through Trendyol academy channel.
  • Reflecting global business experience to suppliers with the acquisition by Alibaba
Product Downloads
Your Stocks in T-soft or Woocommorce panel can be integrated with the ConnectProf program via API and XML from other platforms. Integration with Trendyol can be achieved with a single click. When a sale is made in any store, your Stock update is automatically performed at Trendyol stores at time frames set by the customer 5 times a day. During your product transfers, your price changes and price information on ConnectProf are transferred to the Trendyol panel 5 times a day. Thanks to Trendyol integration, you can easily make your Stock controls from ConnectProf panel without switching to Trendyol panel. Thanks to Trendyol integration, you can ensure that products are transferred by matching the correct category with product category matching in product loading.
Order Management
All orders can be collected in a single panel and invoices can be issued with a single click. Orders from the marketplace or e-commerce platform (T-soft, Woocommerce) are collected on the ConnectProf order management screen and invoiced through the Jetofis Accounting program with a single click. Our JetOfis Accounting program is provided free with ConnectProf.
Accounting Integration
Current accounts and orders can be automatically transferred to the accounting program by Connectprof from the accounting program you use (Logo, Mikro, Eta). Similarly, in double-sided integrations, stock and price information are transferred from your accounting program to ConnectProf and marketplaces.
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