Turkey's most visited areas Marketplace Hepsiburada.com Marketplace members have been using the technological infrastructure of Hepsiburada, one of the oldest and most powerful names in internet shopping, since 1998. With an average of 85 million visits every month, Hepsiburada.com continues to grow its Pazaryeri companies with its large structure.
ConnectProf Hepsiburada Integration
Product Transfer Upload your products to ConnectProf, your Product and Price information is immediately put up for sale on Hepsiburada.
Order Management Orders received from domestic and international markets are tracked on a common platform with ConnectProf.
E-commerce Experience As T-soft, we reflect our e-commerce experience of 17 years to their marketplaces, and together we win for our country.
Hepsiburada Sales Support Support in the processes related to the opening of your Sales and Stores within the framework of cooperation with Hepsiburada
  • 1 Over 10 Million members and an average of 85 million monthly visits
  • 2 Having a wide visitor base with 3 million product range
  • 3 Provides the opportunity to grow in the marketplace with 110% growth per yearı
  • 4 Free Shipping Support to Women Entrepreneurs in the Marketplace
  • 5 Opportunity to sell in 30 different categories
  • 6 Delivery capacity of more than 45 thousand packages in 1 day
  • 7 TTurkey's 81 provinces to be able to deliver Shipping
  • 8 There is no store opening fee for marketplace users. You can open the marketplace for free and list your products.
  • 9 Marketplace owners can also benefit from Bank agreements specific to Hepsiburada stores free of charge.
  • 10 There is no requirement to open a second store for issues such as multiple product sales. For the listed products, an additional 0.5 TL fee is charged instead of the store price.
Product Downloads
Your stocks in T-soft or Woocommorce panel are integrated into ConnectProf program via API and XML from other platforms. Your products are opened for sale on Hepsiburada platform with a single click. When a sale is made in any store, your stock and price updates are automatically performed in ALL stores every 4 hours.
Order Management
All orders can be collected in a single panel and invoices can be issued with a single click. Orders from the marketplace or e-commerce platform (T-soft, Woocommerce) are collected on the ConnectProf order management screen and invoiced through Jetofis Accounting program with a single click. Our JetOfis Accounting program is provided free of charge with ConnectProf.
Accounting Integration
Current accounts and orders can be automatically transferred to the accounting program by ConnectProf from the accounting program you use (Logo, Mikro, Eta). Similarly, in double-sided integrations, stock and price information are transferred from your accounting program to ConnectProf and marketplaces.
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